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We believe in the "world @ work"  with "workers without borders"  for a better future of the world.  This concept help "the world - to work as one"! Globas Jobs is brought to you by Unilak Group of Companies (International). Unilak Group is a diversified International Conglomerate with main offices in the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka with multiple offices and representations around the world.

Unilak Group and sister companies are involved in  variety of industries catering  multiple markets in multiple countries around the world. We recognize three categories in employment sector. Employers, Employees, Self-Employed(Freelancers)

Globas Jobs has covered them all. Globas Jobs is an advertiser/facilitator. Employers can advertise jobs in the worldwide job market at Globas Jobs. Employees can apply to jobs or advertise their profiles  for Full time, Part-time jobs or both in the International job market at Globas Jobs. Freelancers can advertise their services in multiple categories at the Globas Jobs -The Global Jobs Market and  successfully be self-employed.

There is a growing need where employers are looking forward  to hire talented professionals. There is a large capable workforce around the world ready to work. There is a growing interest of people around the world to position themselves to a better status by lifestyle, financially or geographically. But many professionals are unable to do that due to their busy schedules and being not  "tech savvy". Globas jobs enable all such professionals, employers, and companies to get help from tech "tech savvy" freelancers to do the needful.

Similarly, freelancers can be your virtual assistants to help you in many aspects of your business or profession. Freelancers worldwide are an underutilized but vital workforce to maintain better work-life balance with mutual benefit.

Mentors are vital for businesses, and professionals. Such services from worldwide mentors can be found at Globas jobs.

Globas jobs is not just to advertise jobs but to facilitate "the world to work as one" and  to  provide a complete One-Stop – Center and directory for related services for the people of the world @ work …. .

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